I'm Gesine.  I bake.  I eat.  I think about what I'm going to bake while I'm eating the thing I just baked.  I teach baking. I have a baking school called Sugar Glider Kitchen where you can come learn all about baking and pick my sweet brain. Go HERE to check out our class schedule.

I'm the host of "Baked in Vermont" on Food Network, a baking show where I bake for friends and family, have a blast teaching at SGK, and generally have a sweet ol' time here in Vermont, it just happens to get caught on camera.

I write books about baking (to see them, click HERE), I teach baking at King Arthur Flour; Stonewall Kitchen from time to time and sometimes I'm on t.v. talking about baking.  I pretty much nudge the people at The Today Show and The Talk on a regular basis and say, "Hey.  Have me on.  I made a bunch of treats and I'm trucking them into your studio to talk about how great all this baking is."

That's right.   Cooking Channel flew me to Colorado to eat an ice cream cake.   
I team up with Craftsy.com every now and again and we tape baking classes that you can take online, in your undies if you want. I won't tell. 

Getting ready to teach the folks at Better Homes and Gardens headquarters a thing or two about sugar!

I'm also a regular contributor to Better Homes and Gardens.  I team up with their fabulous food editor, Nancy, and together we concoct dessert features.  We spend weeks, nay months, dreaming up sweet zaniness.  I can't make this stuff up, sweet people.  My job is to dream up sweets.  Pinch me.

You want strudel?  I'll pull you some strudel dough.  No problem.

I'm a guest instructor at King Arthur Flour, spreading the sweet word to all manner of bakers.  What a life!

I used to have a pastry shop but that ended up getting in the way of my baking.  All that business was cramping my relationship with butter and sugar.

And this blog, this is where I vent my baking spleen.  Sometimes I'll share a recipe that revolves around cooking but mainly, it's all about the bake.

Thanks for visiting me, sweet people.  I hope you enjoy the goodies.

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