Three's the Magic Number

Ray and I opened three years ago today.  We were clueless, excited, unprepared, tired, overextended and under staffed. We didn't have air conditioning.  It was the hottest August on record and I'd taken to wearing colorful kerchiefs on my head, believing this was an attractive way to keep my hair back.  There's a picture of me on our grand opening morning from our local paper, grinning the manic grin of a sleep deprived idiot who had no business opening a pastry shop.  My face gloriously sweaty, my apron encrusted with flour and chocolate,  and that stupid kerchief.  The picture caption should have read, "Eighteenth century Russian grandmother struck with fatal case of flop sweat."

Three years later and we've survived.  Just barely.  But we do have air conditioning.  There's also free birthday cake.  And I've got a lovely collection of kerchiefs in the back if you are interested.  

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