Baker's Nocturne

(starry starry night cookies)

How many of you have spent your morning commute in the glorious midst of a meteor shower? Craning to catch that sweet spot on the horizon where shooting stars mingle. And when the stars aren’t so beautifully restless, you remark to Cassiopeia that she looks particularly stunning this morning,  that Orion's as strapping as ever. Or find yourself stuck in traffic, not among other bipeds but a porcupine family ambling to their den? Or crash a deer banquet in a farmer’s field? Or get dive bombed by barn owls, your ponytail mistaken for a garden snake? Or catch a red fox raiding the hen house?

All these marvels are yours to behold in the wee hours of the morning. When the sun isn’t due for hours. When sleepy Vermont bakers rouse themselves and bid good morning to the darkness.

I’ve always thought that daylight, vitamin D excluded, was overrated. Preferring the overcast dreary to the pinprick bright sunshine. Always enjoying the sunset for it’s starlight promise. If your nature is to bathe in moondust as you listen to the haunting chorus of coyote yips, consider a career in baking. Come share a secret communion with our fellow nocturnal creatures, Christmas elves included.

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