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UPDATE!  There is some trouble linking from this post to the sites I'm blabbering on about.  What a pain in your tush!  So I've just added them to my list 'o links to the RIGHT there --->
I checked.  They work from the sidebar.  Bon Surfing!

Walton’s, the fabulous joint I’m helping open in Austin, is starting up with a clean slate. It’s an ancient building that’s been completely restored, so it’s naked and ready to be filled. Ovens, mixers, food processors, dough sheeters, fridges. And then there are all the small wares: rolling pins, mixing bowls, cake molds, croissant cutters, whisks.

Running through my list of bits and baubles every professional pastry kitchen needs, I’ve realized that home bakers could use a thing or two on my list. If you’re flour and sugar obsessed, you're already in possession of a decent stand mixer and a food processor. But do you have heart shaped molds to make Valentines raspberry mousse? Or a snazzy brownie pan that’s all edges? Or disposable pastry bags? A filigree cupcake wrapper? What if you’ve promised to make a wedding cake and need gorgeous hand crafted sugar flours? And a sturdy cake bottom?So I’m going to provide you with a few links to round out your kitchen:

That fancy schmancy cupcake wrapper up top is from this insanely adorable site.  This internet joint has everything from transfer sheets to dragées.  Oh, and the best collection of wedding cake toppers ever.

(French cake topper)

Want all edge brownies?  Enough said.
(the best brownie pan)

Everything you'll need to finish up a wedding cake.  Or get one started.
(a glorious wedding cake stand)

This site has it all.  Rolling pins, fondant, Gugelhupf molds.  

(fondant!  In large quantities!)

This is where culinary pros shop.  From sous vide paraphernalia to simple stencils.  

(tuille stencil)

This is a happy place.  And it's not just for professionals, so don't get intimidated.  

(I heart small heart molds)

She's the goddess of wedding cakes.  If you haven't already, pick up a copy of her new book "Wedding Cakes" with Martha Stewart.  In the meantime, check out her website.  Many of the accoutrement that grace  her sublime matrimonial towers, like these beautiful sugar flowers, are available for sale to mere mortals.

(handmade edible flowers....too beautiful to eat)

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