And so it begins...again

Gesine Confectionary is back in business. Now don't get your knickers in a twist from all your pastry fueled excitement and jump into your Astro van to visit the bakery. First, if you know me you've seen my needlework pillow that declares, "Where there's a van, there's a crime." It's the first and best thing I ever learned in law school. Second, this isn't a traditional retail outfit. It's a commercial operation aimed at shipping you treats via snail mail (that is, only after you've ordered them via non-snail mail, i.e. the information super highway). No opening and closing hours. No fretting over small children spilling molten hot chocolate all over their delicate faces. None of the shop keep distractions. Just pure, unadulterated baking...with a little packing and shipping thrown in for good measure.

So welcome to my virtual Grand Opening. There will be more treats on offer soon (as soon as I get my labels in, that is). I'll be here waiting:

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