It's the Little Things...

The lure of new packaging.

Nestling the treats for a journey and tucking them in just so.

Row upon row of empty shell begging for filling.

And then obliging the little buggers and lining them up for a joy ride.

It's the little things in a baking day that make me giddy. It's wonderful to be back.

And here' something I've never done before...a contest of sorts. I need to do some research and that research requires a package to be shipped to someone out there who will report back to me when they receive it. The contents of the package? Parisian macaron. Why do I need you to report back? Because I'm making them in the larger size and I'm playing around with shipping materials. I'm not sure how they will survive on a bumpy trek across country. You will tell me how they fared. And then, of course, you get to eat them.

So the first five people to comment are the lucky Guinea pigs? Friends of pastry?

Those of you who make the top five, email me your vitals at

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