All the Single Ladies...

Helga and Moussie (the Araucanas).

Kiki, the Red Comet.

and Bertie, the Barred Rock.

These lovely ladies are the latest addition to our family, compliments of our wonderful friends Bonnie and John.

Bertie laid her first egg here yesterday and Kiki soon followed. Not surprising since they've been laying a few weeks now. But Moussie and Helga hadn't yet produced one of that breed's signature blue/green beauties...until this afternoon.

I barged in on Moussie while she was crouching in the coop, looking just a wee bit cross eyed and groaning. I left her to it. Goodness knows had I been in her state, I'd want some privacy.

When I checked on her twenty minutes later, she'd exited the coop but left this behind. I'm so damn proud, it might even be a double yolker!

(from left to right, Moussie's first, Bertie's first and Kiki's one and two)

Helga's the last hold out. But I'm not putting any pressure on her. She takes after me; I too was a late bloomer.

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