The Parisians are Coming!!!


UPDATE!  After much gut wrenching, I've decided NOT to ship the Parisians.  Instead, they are available at Gillinghams in Woodstock, Vermont in a multi-pack!  
In the event you are far away and unable to visit the loveliest store in Vermont, be heartened that my RECIPE for Parisians is going to be in Sugar Baby coming out Spring 2011.

UPDATE: The first round of Parisians have been received and our intrepid friends of pastry reported back dutifully. The big fatties, the cookies I thought were forever lodged in their paper tube prison, actually arrived in tact and were extractable. The petite buggers, however, arrived in complete disarray (although apparently still edible). So another round shall commence! I'm not happy that I could barely fit four in a tube. That's not a respectable number of treats, after all. So a few of you who sent me addresses but weren't in the top five may be getting a shipment soon. You know the drill. Report back with the good, the bad and the ugly.

The first four winners of the "can I shove grand macaron into my favorite receptacle and have them survive shipping contest" should be expecting their Parisian macaron any day. Of the four, three contain larger macaron. The last person is out of town and will likely benefit grandly from your feedback. One randomly chosen person shall receive the petite version as seen above. Why have I chosen to mix it up?

(the grand, from the top: raspberry, green tea/mango, dark chocolate/vanilla bean and citron)

It's not that the large macaron aren't adorable and delicious. They are. And I had a fabulous time sealing them into precious single serve pouches with the pulse sealer. I enjoy quality time with a good sealer.

(grand macaron, finally at rest)

But I found that once I got to placing them delicately into my beloved tube, I had to shove and shimmy more than I would have liked. And it occurred to me that if it took me such a damn long time to manipulate those buggers into the container, how the hell are you going to get them out.

(this leads me to an aside: if you are one of the recipients of the "pastry stuck in the well," may I suggest you get your tweezer on stand by?)

(green tea and mango, writ large)

So while I've been harboring this fantasy for quite some time, shipping outsized macaron to the masses, my personal packaging experience has led me to believe that perhaps I should stick to my tried and true method of small macaron easily accessible in a box...not large yummys wedged uncomfortably in an adorable tube.

Le sigh.

While you're waiting for the online ordering debut of the Parisians, you can buy the rustic French almond macaron at my site: And to cheer myself up I made Valentines macaron a year early and ate a few. I'm not going to think about how hard it would be to ship these without that sweet little peak getting snapped of en route.

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