Thank you.

Keep on keepin' on.

I wanted to write and thank everyone for your donations for my Marine Marathon run on behalf of the American Cancer Society. And your encouragement, I can say with unmitigated sincerity that had you guys not been the "rah rah squad" you've been, I might have stopped when my knee popped at mile 17 (that's what you get when you get lazy and do almost all your running on a treadmill and never on the open road.  Hills and asphalt are two real-world elements you'll not encounter on a mechanized conveyor).  But I kept on, if only with a slight tilt and I made sure to keep in mind that whatever momentary pain I was enduring, it was nothing compared to radiation, chemo or even the knowledge that cancer is a part of your living fiber.

nervous before the race.

bear blocks flag during anthem.  damn bear.

Dr. Biden.  Cute as a button.  

Capt America ran away when I asked him to carry me to the finish.

Beetlejuice and his friend, Mr. Escaping Pants

Super Girl!

Run Forrest, Run!

I took the opportunity to photo bomb this poor guy.

I can't recommend this experience enough for bakers who really should be able to eat every damn morsel they bake with impunity but reality just doesn't see it our way. I recommend the experience even more for the pure camaraderie of the day, in a place that's the very heart of our nation and bustling with enthusiasm and support at every mile.  The happy cow bells of spectators, they chimed from Arlington to  the Washington Monument and back again.  

what a view.

Now back to baking.

PROOF!  at the finish.

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