HELGASTEINE: Dominosteine für Helga

I make things for my mother.  She's been gone for close to eleven years and I still bake to please her.

While this brings with it great sadness and regret, it also brings her closer.

And nothing draws her more near than marzipan and chocolate.

Dominosteine littered our house during Christmas.  The package from Germany would arrive early in the month and we'd be knee deep in those ginger cake, marzipan, currant and chocolate squares for days.

I know I can buy them in the states now; I don't have to beg my family to ship them across the pond.  But I'd rather conjure a batch that recalls the best of my mother's favorite things, so that the sweet smell of baking almonds can reach high to her perch and surround her with earthly baking love.  

And this version I invented to please her particularly, trading the dry plain sponge for a moist almond cake.  Doubling the almond love.

What me make them on the Today Show here.

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