It's Been Zany!

I've been glaringly absent these past few weeks.

I swear I have a good excuse.

Or two.

Or three.

Maybe four, if I get to really thinking.

what on earth am I doing?  you'll find out in Pie It Forward!

I've been finishing up my second cookbook, Pie It Forward.  The writing, testing/re-testing, photo shoot and finish editing have been wonderful and time consuming.  I can't complain. The brilliant Tina Rupp photographed the book, she did SugarBaby.  I don't have to tell you that those pictures were beautiful.

happy girl on a pie crawl.

By way of research for savory pie recipes in Pie It Forward, I just HAD to go to England to double check that I was getting it right.  Who needs a pub crawl when a pie crawl is where it's at, baby!

Treats for the Today Show:  rocket pops, brittle, popcorn balls, taffy, rock candy and fudge...oh my!  

I've also been doing SugarBaby press in the midst of the Pie It Forward hijinks.  Here's a link to my 2nd Today Show Appearance.  Find the recipes in SugarBaby or the Today Show site!

I'm in love.

I also shot a lovely thing for a possible future endeavor.  What I can say about it is that I got to visit the goats at Consider Bardwell Farm.  I'm in love, with the goats AND their cheese.  A few lady goats are in our family's future. I've been brushing up on my home cheese making skills in anticipation.

New and exciting recipes and posts coming soon, I promise!  In the meantime, Happy Fourth!

Fourth of July greetings from Freegrace!  This will be her 217th Independence Day celebration!!!

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