I had to run the back roads to get to Quechee Village and this is what I saw...our sweet bridge has definitely seen better days.  But what I didn't capture was the village coming together to clean the mess up!  

Hurricane Irene.  Damn you.  Damn you for flooding our state, ripping apart our historic covered bridges, creating untold homelessness and decimating our local businesses.  Not cool, lady.

Within HOURS of Irene's exit, the ferociously bad assed Green Mountain locals were cleaning and repairing the damage. While our state digs itself out from under inches of silt and water, there are many more who have nothing to save, their houses and lives have been swept away entirely.  For them, there are organizations like The Vermont Food Bank and Vermont Red Cross who provide food and shelter for those most in need.  You can text FOODNOW to 52000 and Vermont Food Bank will turn your $10 donation to $60 in food for those in need.

Thank you for all your lovely prayers and good wishes.  We can feel the love!

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