Pumpkin Mousse Pullman Surprise!

 If you've got a pullman loaf pan, you can make some extra special desserts.  Just mix and match a few recipes and, voila, clean lines and fancy designs.

This combines 3 recipes already available on this blog:

(1)  Joconde Decor Sides: Measure the bottom and sides (length and width) of your pullman loaf and cut your joconde to size and line the pan.

(2)  Chocolate/Almond Roulade Cake:  This applications requires the actual jelly roll alone and not the filling in the original recipe, so just follow that portion of the recipe/post for "the cake."  And you just have to roll it up and cut it to the size (length) of the pullman.

This recipe is the perfect amount for this one cake.  


(1)  Make the joconde sides.  For this pattern, I used what's called a "decor grill" which is simply a template with holes in it over which you apply the tuile paste.  You then remove the template and freeze the tuile as you would in the traditional recipe and proceed with the remaining instructions from there.

(2)  Line the pullman loaf pan with plastic wrap, making sure the wrap falls over the sides so you have something to grab onto when you take the cake out of the pullman loaf pan.

(3)  Make the roulade and allow to cool.

(4)  Make the pumpkin mousse.

(5)  Line the bottom and sides of the pullman loaf with the joconde decor.

(6)  Place half the mousse inside the pullman loaf 

(7)  Place the trimmed roulade onto the mousse in the center of the pan.

(8)  Add remaining mousse and, using a small offset spatula, smooth out the top of the mousse so that it's perfectly flat.

(9)  Freeze the mousse overnight to set.

(10)  Turn the pullman pan upside down on a serving platter.  Gently warm the sides with a heat gun or blow dryer.  Use the plastic wrap overhang to gently help release the cake onto the platter.  Refrigerate to allow the mousse to thaw enough to comfortably slice through the cake, about 2 hours.

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