Pie Day...it's already come for some of you!

At my pastry shop in Montpelier, Friday was pie day.  We'd cram the pastry case with all manner of pie, from caramel apple to tart tatin.  I've written a cookbook, Pie It Forward,  to commemorate the pastry that made Friday grand and added a legion of pies and tarts that are both beautiful and delicious.  And isn't it just perfect timing that Pi(e) Day, 3/14, is just around the corner!

While our official release day for the book is April 1st, the book is ALREADY AVAILABLE and fellow bakers are getting their pie on in anticipation of Pi(e) Day.

Wild Blueberry!

Chocolate Cream!

Bruléed Maple Tart!

I've created www.pieitforwardcookbook.com as a companion piece for Pie It Forward, full of demos and extra pictures.  I'll continue filling the site with information to enhance your pie experience.

The following are pics of Polaroids from the Pie It Forward photo shoot to wet your whistle.

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