Gateau St. Swanaré

Gateau St. Swanaré:  Puff, caramel/pumpkin pastry cream, hard caramel and choux.  And swans!

If you didn't get to my classes this weekend at King Arthur Flour, you missed pyramids, swans and fun.  And my ever present lopsided ponytail.  Why, after all these years, do I have a complete inability to center my mop of hair at the center of my cranium?  It's always listing to the left.

If you missed all the fun, not to worry, I'll be back at King Arthur Education Center in May.  It's coming sooner than you think.  I'll post the dates of my classes here, so stay tuned!

Photo taken by Bill Stahr.  Lopsided ponytail created by yours truly.
Friday's class was dedicated to constructing my pyramid cake.  Lopsided filling optional.  Picture courtesy of Nancy Sturtevant Wolfe.

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