Happy St. Nikolaus Day!

Dearest Sweet People:  I wish you all a Happy St. Nikolaus Day.  I send you all the happiness, glee and genuine horror I have felt throughout my childhood years when confronted (and yes, I've been confronted) by the Saint himself and his hench-devil, Krampus.  They've always been so kind as to gift me chocolates and sweets and never coal (or kidnapping), so I'm inclined to think they are horribly misunderstood and lovely men/things.  So I leave you not with a photo of a dessert and a recipe, but a portrait my fantastically talented husband Ray drew of the duo for my book My Life from Scratch, based on my recollections of encountering them for the first time when I was three.

I also send out props to all you moms and dads who take the time to make this season magical (and sometimes scary as hell) for your children.  It's a beautiful thing you do.

And if you want to know if St. Nikolaus visited me today, you can be assured he did.  He knows me so well.

Sometimes the Sainted Man comes dressed in UPS brown to deliver the goodies...and that's fine by me.

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