Running Resolutely into the New Year

As most of you know, I run marathons to raise money for American Cancer Society.  You've helped me raise thousands of dollars for cancer research.  I'll keep running and raising money until I can't run anymore.

This year, I made my 2013 race plan:   I'd run Burlington Marathon in May, try for the Vermont 50 in September and then the Marine Marathon (my mother's favorite race) in October.  I was looking at 2013 to be a record breaking cancer fundraising year.  I still am.

However, I encountered a roadblock.  ACS isn't sponsoring a team for the Burlington Marathon anymore, which means I can't raise money for ACS in May.  I could travel far and wide in search for another race that does have a team but I'm pretty attached to my home state's gorgeous run.

My friend Lisa Adams was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer late in 2012.  She's raising  money for Metastatic Cancer research through Sloan-Kettering. Lisa has supported me through every run.  Every single damn run.  She writes about her journey with brutal honesty and breathtaking insight on her blog and as a Huffington Post contributor, giving shape and life to my mother's struggle with Stage IV cancer in a manner that mom was never able to fully express.

So if you are inclined to contribute to my runs for cancer research, this year I'm running in support of Lisa's fundraising effort.  Let's help her bust open her $20,000 fundraising goal for metastatic cancer research.

Click HERE for Lisa's fundraising site.

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