Bake It Like You Mean It Giveaway!


My latest cookbook, Bake It Like You Mean It, is my third (not including my memoir My Life From Scratch which wasn't a cookbook but did have recipes as "plot points").

And like all the books before, I'm proud of my baby.  It's also, I believe, the most representative of my life as a pastry chef.  It covers the broad spectrum of my baking existence, from meringues to yeasted doughs.  I approach each category as I approach my pastry life, baking it like I mean it.

The Wall:  during the course of the photo shoot for each book, Tina tapes polaroids of our finished portraits on the door of the studio, aka my living room.
For the third time, Tina Rupp joined me to photograph the pastries in the book.  Unlike the books past, we have double the amount of photos, each as gorgeous as the last.

Clockwise from the top left:  The cover, the back cover, an image from the mousse section and last, the centerfold:  the croissants.  Tina swears my croissants are the best she's ever had.  Now you too can make the best with my super duper recipe!
With the release date of March 5th fast approaching, I wanted to get started on a giveaway of the book. I also wanted to add something else, a piece of my baking "me."  In my pastry kitchen, I'm rarely without my favorite apron.  While writing and testing all my books, I have it on.  During photo shoots, I wrap it around me like a security blanket.  I wear it to demos and appearances and I'm always asked, "Where'd you get that?"

From a photo demo inside Bake It, the apron. 
From the feature on me in November 2012's Better Homes and Gardens, the apron!
Why is it so special?  It's beautifully crafted, it's sturdy as hell and it's the perfect length.  It's also cool.  And you can't just get it at any old chef wear depot because it comes straight for the talented designer, Shannon Reed.  So if you win this giveaway, you not only get a signed copy of Bake It Like You Mean It, you get a hand crafted black denim Shannon Reed utility apron, just like the one I wear every day.  Rest assured, yours will be brand spankin' new.  I'm not handing off my beloved and well worn flour catcher.  It's also unisex, so anyone can enjoy the bounty!

Please check out her website,  Shannon is truly a boon to a culinary field that was bereft of beautiful working togs until she came around.

Shannon also made my chef's jacket.  This isn't a part of the giveaway but I love it as much as my apron.  And Tina Rupp also took this photo!

Here are the rules of the game:   Leave a comment on this post, only one per person, by March 5th.  It takes a while for comments to post, so don't worry if you don't see it right away.You must be a US resident.  I repeat, you must be a US resident.  Along with your comment, give me your name.  You needn't give me your full name and anonymous doesn't count.  Don't give me any other information, we'll get to that once I randomly pick a winner and then and only then will you need to send me your address, etc.

And feel free to pre-order the book as well.  I won't stop you.

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