Today is the day that BAKE IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT hits bookstores!  I'm in love with this book.  I wrote it, so duh.  Of course I'm in love with this book. But these are the cakes and pastries that I feel genuinely represent me as a pastry chef and now I get to share my crazy baker's brain with you in all it's permutations, from meringue to sponge cakes to butter cakes to mousses&cheesecakes and yeasted pastries.  It's all there.  I didn't hold back, not a single thing.  I hope you enjoy baking from it.  I have a sneaking suspicion you will.

Check out my BAKE IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT Today Show Appearance 

To see me make Rainbow Cakes on Fox & Friends, click on the link below!

To see me demo some beautiful and super fun cakes from the book, stop by and take a look at my appearances on The Today Show and Fox & Friends.

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