Holiday Treats on the Today Show

Picture by Nancy Hopkins
Filling balls!  Hangin' with the wonderful Nancy on set!  The whole Today Show gang come to check out the treats.

I had a great time yesterday on the Today Show making holiday treats with Matt Lauer from my Frosty feature in Better Homes and Gardens.  Nancy Hopkins, the super duper food editor at Better Homes, was there to make sure our beautiful spread came off without a hitch on live t.v.  If you haven't gotten your hands on it, run, don't walk, to get this December's issue!  It also includes a feature on last minute Santa cookies by Dorie Greenspan.  So what are you waiting for, bakers?

To see the segment video, click HERE!
This is what the December Better Homes and Gardens cover looks like.  YOU CAN'T MISS IT!
For a sneak peak at what I assembled for our baking fun fest, here are a few pics of treats 
I made from the feature for their appearance on live t.v.  But first, I want to give a shout out to my ever faithful pastry cart that I use to haul treats from Vermont to all edges of the known universe...including New York.  
My cart waits in a hotel lobby.  It gets a lot of attention from passersby.  

I make the treats.  I secure them in boxes.  I play pastry Tetras, getting all my little boxes in the cart securely.  And then I roll roll roll it all over tarnation.

This is Allie.  She's on the Today Show team, making all the food segments flawless before the cameras start rolling.
Coconut Snowballs!!
Hidden Snowman...not so hidden anymore, are you?
Sparkly pinecones.
Gingerbread Snow Village
Peppermint Swirl Marshmallows

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