Managing a Swarm!

This Saturday, our good friends Caroline and Whit came for a visit at Freegrace.  While we were chatting outside, a swarm of bees hightailed it out of my main hive and made camp on a honeysuckle bush just a few yards from their original home.

Gesine and Caroline manage a Swarm at Freegrace from Raymond Prado on Vimeo.

Here's how we caught them and put them into a new home.  You'll notice Whit, in the red shirt, keeps a distance.  He's deathly allergic but awfully brave.  Caroline, you'll also notice, is wearing skorts and flip flops with only a veil and gloves to protect her.  I had to force the gloves on her.  Who you won't notice is Ray, my husband, who took the footage and cut it together.  He got as close to the little buzzers as anyone with no protection at all.  Not a sting among us.

I'll write a bit about swarms on Freegrace Friday, for those interested.

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