Let Them Eat Cake! Coming March 2015

I'm proud to present the cover of my new book, Let Them Eat Cake.  It will be available March 2015 but you can feel free to pre-order now!  Tina Rupp is responsible for the gorgeous photography.  I take responsibility for all the pastry.

Let Them Eat Cake was inspired, first and foremost, by the customers at my pastry shop, Gesine Confectionary.  It was there that I came to understand the true nature of food allergy and intolerance.  When a kid you've watched grow up can't eat birthday cake at a party due to extreme food allergies, a pastry chef like me will make it a mission to create safe cakes and treats for this fabulous child.  But I don't have a pastry shop anymore.  And if I did, I wouldn't be able to bake for everyone who finds a dearth of choice in the treats department due to food intolerance.  So I wrote this book to fill the void.

This book is also for that enthusiastic baker who jumps at the chance to bake at the drop of a pin, "Of course I'll bake 200 cupcakes for the bake sale!"  "Bien sur, I'll crank out 2000 cookies for the elementary school open house!"  It's also for you that this book exists because for every time you've jumped in glee at the chance to spend a long weekend playing with flour, butter and sugar, you've been thrown a baking curve ball:  "No gluten!"  "No dairy!"  "No animal products!"  No refined sugars!"

If you want to bake with all ingredients in play, this book is for you.  Every recipe starts with no holds barred.  There's butter, refined sugar and flour all up in your grill.  But that recipe also comes with variations for when you need a cake or pie to be gluten-free, vegan (dairy and animal product free) or just plain healthier.  In other words, this book is for everyone who enjoys a good pastry.

I want all of you to eat cake...and cookies and pie and candy and ice cream!

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