Available NOW!

It's here!  As of yesterday, my newest book Let Them Eat Cake is out in the world.

I wrote this book with EVERYONE in mind.  I wanted to provide a resource for bakers who are often hamstrung when confronted by the need to modify recipes for dietary restrictions.  At my shop, I was asked daily if I could make my chocolate cake gluten free or my muffins healthier or my pies with pastry cream vegan.  I found the task a wonderful challenge.  But my career is baking.  I spend my days developing recipes.  Most people bake recreationally and don't have the time or background to modify their favorite recipes when they have to bake a batch of gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free cupcakes for little JoJo's kindergarten class.  And it also occurred to me that it would be such a lovely thing to have a resource that gave you the recipe with all the bells and whistles (flour, butter, sugar) for those days where all bets are off but gave you options for any manner of dietary restriction.  So instead of buying 4 books, here's just one with a boat load of options.

I've included the recipes I think are the most important, from cookies to pies to cakes and ice cream.  As a kid who was raised vegan, I can tell you I would have died and gone to heaven if this book had been around when I was in elementary school.

If you want to see me bake from the book, tune into the Today Show tomorrow morning (3/5) and I'll be making a beautiful mess of chocolate treats.  I'll be on The Talk March 11th baking with those fabulous ladies. And I'll be teaching and signing across the country in April and May.  I'll post those dates and locations soon.

I hope you enjoy it, sweet people!

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