Puff, choux and pastry cream.  Three elements made modern.  
My favorite thing about pastry is sharing my love of its inherent magic.  Baking is alchemy.  When you cook, you take a piece of meat, potatoes and perhaps some veg. You roast, sauté and cook your ingredients to perfection.  When you serve them, there they are on the plate:  meat, potato and veg.  All elements clearly identifiable as being exactly what they are:  meat, potato and veg.

My Gateaux St. Swanaré from my book Let Them Eat Cake (photo by Tina Rupp).  The elements:  puff pastry, choux puffs and pastry cream.  You can learn to make this, step by step, in my Craftsy Choux class.

In baking, you take butter, flour and water and from them you can make puff pastry and choux paste.  You don't look at your plate and say, "Hey!  There's a stick of butter!" because that butter has been transformed.  That's the magic.

The other thing I love about baking is that you can take those exact same elements, the puffs and the choux, and create entirely different looking creation.

This, my sweet friends, is why I teach.  I love sharing the magic.   It's the next best thing to being Professor McGonagall at Hogwarts.

Join me in learning some magic at Craftsy, online classes you own for life and can enjoy from the comfort of your own home (and pajamas!).  Take my Perfect Puff Pastry Class and my Choux (cream puff and eclairs!) Class to share in the beauty of pastry with me.

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