Croissant! With a full demo.

If you joined me live on Facebook today on my page, you participated in some high wire baking! Croissant.  LIVE! If you missed it, you can still experience all the thrills and spills while I take you through my croissant technique. As promised, my recipe follows.


For the butter block (beurrage)

550g unsalted butter (I used a combination of European butter/high butter fat content and traditional) butter
10 grams all purpose flour (King Arthur All Purpose)

For the dough (détrempe) 

This dough yields a dough with 56% hydration. For very dry areas or when you feel you need it, you can add up to 30 grams more to reach 60% hydration.

800g All Purpose Flour (I use and only use King Arthur All Purpose. It has a high gluten percentage at 11.7% that is needed for the dough.

150g whole milk, room temperature (to scald or not to scald. Really up to you. See video for more!)

300g filtered water, room temperature (with 30g more in the event your dough is too dry)

100 g granulated sugar

25g nonfat milk powder (I use King Arthur Flour Baker's Special. Make sure to only use a milk powder with very fine texture)

25g fine sea salt or baker's salt

18g instant yeast (I use Red Star Yeast's instant yeast)

50g melted and cooled unsalted butter

To finish

1 egg, beaten

For full instructions, watch the video (for easier viewing, watch on full screen)! If you have questions, join me on my Facebook page: Gesine BP (you can click the Facebook icon over on the side there and it will take you to it). 

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